VR Development

On the surface

We Volga -virtual reality company offers extensive services at all platforms for enterprises and start ups . With extensive expertise in blending high potential verticals. We create unique virtual reality technology that brings the right solution for your modern business.We guide our clients from the early stage of their business.


There are some tools which display the 2D graphics on an ordinary monitor screen.But virtual reality offers capability to display 3D statistical graphics.With the virtual reality research in statistical ,we believe in alternate display methods in a virtual environment.

Consulting and Strategy

For best implementation of virtual reality ( VR) in your business ,we should be aware about the current situation of the market .So that you will become the best VR developer

For VR development course and marketing experience we are responsible,that we will know about the current technologies running in the business market


Virtual reality (VR) provides you an environment in which you feel that you are completely involve in it and you are a part that situation.Environment is virtual that seems like real .employees learn to solve the high risk problems stress free without any danger or risk .With VR they will gain experience and achieve their goal.

Virtual reality (VR) very closest to the real world .It generate 3D environment which gives real life experience to the employees.With virtual reality we create circumstances of high risk which we often observe in real life so that people will come out their fear of risks of real life problems and able to solve high risk problems in future.

Rescue mission

Virtual reality (VR) provides excellent training to our trainees in various sectors where human beings feel the risk of life.like defence sector ,fire extinguisher, and many more .With VR technology we offer a real environment of risk for practice.which helps to overcome the fear of real life problems and they will able find the solution of real life challenges

The core

We overcome your fear and make you confident with VR applications .By providing you fictitious and integrated environment.

Immerse yourself in the VR/AR world


Core Engineering VR Module

By providing real experience of theoretical knowledge of engineering practical labs.It improves the engineering education sector.

K-12 VR Module

Virtual laboratories will make the students practice in a real environment, which reduces the cost of educational institutes for practical knowledge.

Medicine VR Module

Doctors should practice without taking the life risk of any patient and brush up their skills with VR latest technology by learning new techniques.

VR at Home For Learners

With 3D environment you will make virtual game concepts at home in summer camps, making videos, and do many things that make fun for kids.

VR in the Classroom

In-class virtual experience makes the study interesting and attractive. By visualization, their mind becomes sharper to grab new things.

On demand AR VR solutions

To support your business we offer custom VR experiences ,animators, simulated environments and many more.