Use AR and VR technologies to train employees faster and more effectively

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Why Augmented reality ?

AR provides a simulated environment for training the employees of the company.They will interact with real life problems and handle them without life risk.

With this employees become confident and find the solutions of their real life problems. It offers the latest tools to employees so that they will furnish their skills perfectly and become confident about their task.

It offers the opportunities which enhance the skills and make the complex task and manufacturer process easiest.

Your benefits

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more employee

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increasing training

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An effective way of training

We with augmented reality technology offer better ways of training in a simulated training environment. With this employees feel that they will do their work in reality and gain real experience.They get the solutions of real life problems and are able to handle the complex problems in a very decent way.

Also augmented reality offers the latest tools which improve their work efficiency with effective skills.

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Increase work efficiency and quality with AR

As we know augmented reality offers the latest tools in industry which increase the speed of work as well as provides the numerous solutions and new technical ideas to doing their work with more dedication

This increases the efficiency of work and also improves the quality of work as well as product which is developed by the developers

Because the developers use AR technology so there is less chances of occurrence of errors.

Our approach


We start with the scope document created through regular dialogue between the client and the dev team. The knowledge gathering process is adapted to the client's needs. It can be done both through the face-to-face meetings (i.e. Skype conferences) or e-mail/Slack communication. The created document must contain as much information about the project as possible, including platforms, graphic references, models, and audio effects, etc.


We start with the scope document created through regular dialogue between the client and the dev team. The knowledge gathering process is adapted to the client's needs. It can be done both through the face-to-face meetings (i.e. Skype conferences) or e-mail/Slack communication. The created document must contain as much information about the project as possible, including platforms, graphic references, models, and audio effects, etc.


Based on the business case as well as the requirements documents delivered by the client, we identify the initial project scope and develop the preliminary project plan - we prioritize product features and group them into milestones taking into account both the market and the technological constraints involved.


Star publicity is able to propose and adapt the most optimal tools, platforms, and solutions for implementation through its flexible approach to the customer. The company's flexibility is also appreciated by existing customers in the context of creating contracts, payments, how to transfer data and project licenses.


At this point, the client and our team settle the terms of collaboration including the team architecture, team members’ roles, and responsibilities, process and methodology, project technical environment, payment terms, intellectual property, etc. Estimation is the attachment to the contract containing the specification. It is considered as the basis for performing the application.


At the client's request, we sign a data confidentiality agreement between the customer and the contractor. (NDA)


We offer to use Scrum by default. The whole project is divided into individual stages and tasks determined in relation to the size of the project. The composition of the team varies and depends on the type of project/scope, timeline, financial and human resources available. While working on the project we use a time-and-material pricing model with hourly-rate payments for the services delivered.


At the end of each stage, the contracting authority receives the level of project implementation for inspection together with a possible reference to the work carried out.


Our concept is to deliver the best quality possible. Every application made by 4Experience’s team is carefully tested on each stage of development by an experienced QA tester. As a result, we can assure you that our applications meet the highest quality standards.


After the project is completed, screenshots and a movie from the project are generated. These materials can be made available to the customer upon request. The final version of the application is sent to the client in a downloadable form to a dedicated file platform.

What our customers say?

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The bright future of AR/VR for manufacturing

These are the popular and brightest technologies nowadays .Human beings with these technologies learn new skills as well as also enjoy their learnings.With latest equipment it offers better results in the industrial sector.

Employees with latest techniques and solutions able to solve the complex manufacturing process. Augmented and virtual realities both will bring the revolution in the business world by increasing the work efficiency and effective results.

Engage your employees and thrive

These technologies created a simulated environment for innovative people,that they will work together and place their thoughts in front of everyone beneath the single roof. Which will make the cooperative atmosphere at the workplace,which helps companies to reach the peak level of other competitive companies.

Digital Twin is supporting the development of enterprises by creating virtual models of factories, production lines, individual stations, machines or devices, and then validating production processes through simulations implemented in the virtual world. The digital equivalent avoids costly modifications to real production lines - saves time and money associated with the design and production process. The best effects of the implementation of this type of solution are currently achieved by the automotive (Ford, BMW) and the aviation industry (Airbus, Lockheed Martin).

VR Advantages

Authentic Experience

VR provides a learning method with a 3D simulated environment which makes it unique and different from the traditional learning methods.With VR training method people will gain real life experience.


VR offers an attractive and entertaining learning process for students .which students will enjoy their studies and learn extra skills as compared to traditional learning methods.


Employees trained themselves in a 3D simulated environment which is very similar to a real environment.By this they gain strong analytical skills which helps them to work with complex working processes.

Data-driven evaluation

VR offers you that you will find out the solutions of your aim related problems. With VR you will become sure about your ideas before implementation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Training simulations may include the necessity of wearing protective equipment (i.e. safety harness, hook, goggles, etc.) and showing the consequences of a lack of security for an employee in the event of a dangerous situation or accident. They may also include an explanation of how to move around the workplace, transport materials, or operate certain machines and devices if they are related to employee safety. Such a virtual dangerous situation or a virtual accident affect the future behavior of the employee rather than a book or even a movie (which both are the common practice during health and safety training). Finally, simulating accidents during work and the consequences of accidents leaves a lasting impression on the employee’s psyche and can permanently affect the change in human behavior.

AR and VR applications are based on many factors such as mobility as we know in present days most people use smartphones which they carry anywhere in their pockets .So they will create those apps which are carried by their smartphones. Usability of app , means functionality of application should be easily understand by customers Like above two factors another there are many more like flexibility,affordability ,etc.

The main problems mostly faced during the implementation of augmented reality and virtuality are high cost ,equipment used in these technologies are very costly .Another one is when we transfer some data ,then these technologies become less secure ,there is a chance to hack that data.

Present day's most popular platforms are HTC and Oculus.These platforms provide many facilities which are not provided by other surprising their users with new and better functionalities.

Industrial AR is a technology that makes it possible to better control machines and devices in a company, and carry out maintenance works efficiently, even if they are to be done by less experienced staff. A worker equipped with a tablet or a cell phone can scan a selected device and obtain information on any resulting irregularities, as well as receive instructions on how to carry out necessary repairs.

Cost of application depends on the future use and time in which the application will be prepared exactly.If application is complex then it takes naturally more time which usually increases the cost of the project. Benefits of these high cost applications is that they give positive results when they are implemented in industrial areas.

We can upload the VR and AR applications in several devices at the same time .Technically it is possible that we will be able to connect these applications with other applications .This is all possible with its manufacturing way in which it is manufactured.

With the implementation of AR /VR in companies accidental risks become reduced and increase the security .Also with these technologies better quality products are made and offered to customers. Design issues will reduce which is beneficial for developers and it reduces the cost of project as well as time of manufacturing.