Namaste, we are creative connoisseurs with an Asia-wide footprint providing end to end solutions to brands worldwide, in the field of experiential marketing. Incepted in 2018 and powered by the 11-year strong technical know-how of Xenium Digital, our sole purpose is ‘Experiential Domination’.

The Lab

Dishing out customised brand solutions and giving you the ability to move, creating brand stories and unforgettable experiences unlike any other shop in town. All this requires a hardworking group of professionals armed with an equally equipped kitchen cooking up new tech, trying out the latest hardware in the business, all in a day’s work at the lab and you can witness it first hand. While presentations and ideas are adorable, experiences are timeless. Visit us at the lab, experience the tech and understand our vision.

What We Do Experiential Art

In the world of smartphones, capturing the attention of a potential consumer is as difficult as aiming for the bullseye sitting on a horse, blindfolded, while the target is running around you in circles. The horse is the medium and the target being the average consumer. Mainline advertising is past its prime and the beauty of new media is that we can capture the consumer in their comfort zone without begging for their attention. Xenium Digital provides that experiential medium that has found a way to hit the bullseye every single time.

Efficiency Table

Bring a 3D model on a table to life, watch it reveal precise details when the user chooses a specific structure or a region. Project the image of the chosen structure or region on a 270degree screen and become one with the landscape.

270 Degree AR

Hovering a screen on top of a product to provide detailed information on a particular component or the product on the whole. It gives the user a sense of sophistication and makes him feel empowered.

AR/VR Lounge

Getting up to speed on new businesses with boring inductions and tedious presentations is a thing of the past. It’s time to spice it up. A futuristic lounge that would integrate AR/VR technologies to speak about your business will change the way your employees and clients perceive your brand.

Interactive Globe

Showcase a company’s global presence, timeline or tailored content through a medium that is never been seen before. A different take on the familiar globe that we are used to.

Corner Cave

Enter a cave with screens surrounding you and transcend yourself into a world of virtual reality heaven. All this, with hardly any footprint to ensure the ease of setup, execution and the added advantage of multiple users witnessing the content you are showcasing.


Experience information in a way that is immersive and intuitive through a massive touchscreen display. With the support of various gestures and instant response, MultiTaction is a glimpse into the future of imparting information.

Curve Screen

Curved screens provide the depth and resolution that flat screens cannot match up to. The beauty lies in the details and the perspective of the product that will appear on the screen and will give the user a much better understanding of what you wish to convey.


With its “room scale” tracking technology and hand-held controller the device allows the user to move around in their environment and interact with the surroundings like no other headgear in the market. Bringing the concept of another dimension, even more, closer to reality.

Working Hours

Monday – Friday: 10:00 – 19:00 Hrs Saturday: 10:00 – 16:00 Hrs

We Are Here

301-305, Ecostar,Near Udipi Vihar Restaurant, Off Aarey Road, Vishveshwar Nagar Rd, Churi Wadi, Goregaon East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400063